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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a Service Activity?

    Activities that a teacher does as a service for the school.

    What is an Enrichment Activity?

    Activities that a teacher does to provide enrichment for a group of students.

    What is an Instructional Chair?

    Those who have responsibilities over professional persons and are used as a liaison between teachers and administration of the school.  Generally, Instructional Chairs serve over a department, grade level or content area.

    How many emoluments can an employee have?

    Employees are limited to two activities and one Instructional Chair or one High School Teacher Coordinator.

    Which activities count toward the two emolument limit?

    Any activity/assignment that is not an Instructional Chair or High School Teacher Coordinator counts toward the two emolument limit.

    Is a “Team Lead” the same as an Instructional Chair?

    If the Team Lead is acting in the same capacity as an Instructional Chair (see definition above), then it would be considered an Instructional Chair and should be submitted as an Instructional Chair.

    How do I determine if an activity is an Enrichment or Service Activity?

    Principals and/or emolument designees will need to determine the appropriate classification for an activity/assignment based upon the definitions provided above and how the activity/assignment will be implemented within their school.

    What do I do with emoluments that have the same title?

    There should only be one emolument per activity.  If there are similar activities, make sure that each title is specific so that we can tell the difference in each.  For example, 1st grade homework club and 2nd grade homework club.

    Can I assign an employee to only 50% of an activity?

    An emolument can be assigned to one educator at 100% or split between two educators at 50% each.

    Can emolument assignments be completed during the school day?

    The assignment must be no less than 40 hours in addition to the normal 7.5 hour work day and is in addition to the standard teaching load.

    What assignments are not paid as emoluments through the Compensatory Emolument process?

    The following are not paid through a compensatory emolument:  Interscholastic Coaching assignments, Professional Development Lead Teacher (PDLT) assignments, Professional Development Schools (PDS) Mentor Teacher assignments, Textbook Coordinator assignments (excluding Charter schools), Restorative Practices Coordinator assignments, Building Based Evaluation Liaison and Engagement and Technology Lead assignments.

    What do we do if an employee is on a leave of absence and unable to sign the Appointment and Authorization Form?

    Signed Appointment and Authorization Forms are required for all emoluments entered in Oracle; therefore, the emolument should not be entered into Oracle until the employee is able to sign the Appointment and Authorization Form.

    How do I make changes?

    To make changes prior to the final approval process, enter the change in Oracle and submit an updated Appointment and Authorization Form to along with a brief explanation.  To make changes after the final approval process, complete a new Appointment and Authorization Form and an Emolument Adjustment Form, along with a brief explanation and submit to

    When do I make changes?

    Changes should be completed prior to the Approve/Deny process.  This date changes each year, but is typically at the end of March.  The exact date can be found in the bulletin.  Any corrections should be submitted no later than June 30 each year.

    When are emoluments paid?

    Emolument payments are generally disbursed at the end of May or beginning of June each year.

    How can I contact your office with additional questions?

    We can be contacted at