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  • ID Policy-Enforcement

    I.D. POLICY 
    ID Graphic

    Gwynn Park High School has a strict I.D. Policy. Wearing a school I.D. is a part of the school uniform and uniform policy. 
    Students are provided with a school picture I.D. at the start of each school year. If lost, a second I.D. is provided at no cost. If the student needs additional I.D.’s the following applies:
    Students who report to school without a school I.D. will be sent to In School Suspension. 

                                           The Student can pay $5.00 and purchase a new I.D. 

                                           Someone may bring the student their I.D. 

                                           If the student cannot purchase or have an I.D. brought to them, the student will remain in In School Suspension where work will be provided for them for the instructional day.