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  • Testing, Research, and Evaluation

    Testing, Research, and Evaluation

    This office reports to and is part of the Accountability Division.

    Contact Information

    Jaime Bowers

    Our Mission

    To support students, staff, schools, offices, family, and the community through effective research, evaluation, testing services and leadership in using test results and research findings.

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Test Administration
      Oversee and monitor national, state, and county assessments, providing resources, professional development, and ongoing support to schools/offices.
    • Internal Assessments
      Support the development of fair, reliable, and valid assessments that measure student learning and provide consultations, professional development, and related assessment services.
    • Data Management
      Provide data and analyses that describe student learning to inform decisions as well as produce, send, and receive student data files.
    • Research and Evaluation
      Provide district decision makers with valid, reliable, and actionable information pertaining to the effectiveness of educational and operational programs and student outcomes.