• FAQs


    How do I register my company to do business with the Board?

    •          Contact the Purchasing Department and request a vendor application or register your company online using PGCPS iSupplier portal.


    Who do I contact to get a copy of a solicitation package?

    •          The Bid documents may be obtained by: 
      •    Downloading the document from the Board’s website at: www1.pgcps.org. Click on the Discover PGCPS, choose Bids and RFPs.
      •    Calling the Purchasing Department at 301-952-6560.
      •    Visiting the Purchasing Department between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The Purchasing Department is located at 13300 Old Marlboro Pike, Room 20, Upper Marlboro,  MD 20772-9983.


    Do we have a listing of caterers on the website?

    •          Please click on the internal tab on the Purchasing Website or call Purchasing for the most recent listing as they change often. Also available are vendor’s for bus carriers, DJ's, fundraising and promotional items.


    I saw a vendor in Oracle last year. Why can't I see it now?

    •          When the vendor’s insurance has expired and a new certificate has not been received in Purchasing, Oracle automatically inactivates the vendor’s information until the new certificate of insurance is received. Call Purchasing to have the vendor researched to determine the exact reason.


    I can't find a vendor in Oracle.

    •          Vendors are very case sensitive - if you do not search exactly as they are set up in the system, it will show that a particular vendor is not in Oracle. The percent sign (%) is a great search tool to use. If you are still unable to find the vendor after trying all scenarios, call Purchasing for assistance.


    How does someone become a vendor for PGCPS?

    •          All new prospective vendors must register in iSupplier - http://www1.pgcps.org/isupplier.
    •       In addition to the online, there are forms on the registration page that need to be downloaded, completed and either attached to the registration, faxed (301-952-6504) or emailed to Fran Hood( fran.hood@pgcps.org) all information is on the forms.


    How long does it take once forms are submitted to Purchasing for a vendor to be set up?

    •          Approximately 4-6 weeks but "urgents" are handled accordingly.


    How do I know when to obtain quotes for requisitions?

    •          For purchases under $5,000 no quote is needed.
    •          For purchases from $5,000 up to $25,000, three (3) written quotes must be obtained from 3 different vendors and faxed to the Purchasing Office for backup to the requisition request.
    •          ALL purchases $25,000 and over must be done by a formal bid through the Purchasing Department.


    How do I do a decrease or cancel a purchase order?

    •          Departments wishing to make changes to an existing Purchase Order must submit their request in the form of a change order requisitions. Included in the requisition description is the wording “Change Order”, the original requisition and PO number and a brief description of the change you wish to make.
    •          If you are decreasing or increasing a line(s) by a certain dollar amount, only the difference should appear in the amount column.
    •          If you are canceling an order in its entirety, you must enter in the amount $.01. If you enter in the full cost, the fund will be encumbered from your budget amount.
    •          In the Note to Buyer enter in the purchase order number, original requisition number and reason for the change. (If you are canceling a PO in its entirety, please contact the vendor first before creating the requisition to ensure the items(s) has not shipped).


    How do schools/offices find out if items are under contract?

    •          A good rule of thumb is to always check the Oracle Shop Main Store first for any item. There are a lot of items under contract that are listed in the catalog. If it is not found in the catalog, you can then proceed to do a non-catalog order.


    Can you give the purchase order number to the vendor over the phone to expedite the order without waiting for the formal purchase order copy?

    •          NO. Copies of PO are emailed or mailed to the vendor from the Purchasing Department. The requisition is not a Purchase Order. It is a request to procure products or services.


    Are we able to award a multi year lease?

    •          NO. Multi-years leases must go before the Board for approval.


    When the vendor calls with a price change can we authorize the change over the phone so we can get our products?

    •          NO. You must create a change order requisition in Oracle. When Purchasing makes the change on the PO it will be emailed or mailed to the vendor with the new information.


    How do I obtain a vendors list from the PGCPS website?

    •          There are approximately 24,000 Vendors in Oracle, users must check the name of company through the Supplier Name category.


    How do you unreceive on an order?

    •          Log into Oracle SSP module, enter the PO number in the order number field and select Correct Receipts to unreceive.


    How can I obtain a listing of the approved Commercial Bus Carriers?

    •          Call the Purchasing Office and a list will be emailed directly to you.


    How can I tell the difference between my Warehouse Orders and Purchase Orders?

    •          All orders are put in by the requisition process. The difference between Warehouse Orders and Purchase Orders are the order numbers. Warehouse Orders have five digits (Ex: 45123) and Purchase Orders have six digits (Ex: 421978).


    Why can’t I cancel my requisition?

    •          Requisitions cannot be cancelled once an Order Number has been assigned. You will have to create a Change Order requisition in order for the Purchase Order and Requisition to be cancelled.

    Can I create a requisition and have it shipped to a different location?

    •          Yes. You will need to change the Deliver-To Location. This option is located on the Checkout: Requisition Information page.


    Can you have multiple ship-to addresses for a requisition?

    •          No. You will have to create a different PO for each location.


    Can you have multiple vendors on one requisition?

    •          It is recommended that a requisition contain only one vendor per order. Including multiple vendors on requisitions increase the possibility for error in the ordering process.


    Who should I contact in Purchasing to find out information concerning current contracts?

    •          Contact the Purchasing Department. Any Buyer or Clerk can provide the information.


    How can payment (DA) be issued when a vendor is not set up in Oracle?

    •          A (DA) is only used for travel reimbursement and emergency orders. The vendor must be active in Oracle for payments to be processed.


    Why am I receiving a PO with VOID written across it?

    •          Sometime end users send PO's to vendor after Purchasing has already done so. This causes double shipments.  So to fix that problem end users now get their PO copy with VOID written across it.  If for some reason a vendor never receives your PO please contact the Purchasing Department to have it resent.


    What are the approval levels for my principal?

    •          Principals can only approve up to $5,000.