• Our Services

    Our Services

    Services provided by Department of Purchasing & Supply Services:   

    Supply Services    

    • Delivery of Supplies to Schools and Offices.  
    • Pickup and delivery of internal and external mail to schools, offices and Board Members.  
    • Pickup and delivery of special mail to state and federal offices.  
    • Pickup and delivery of excess materials in schools and offices.  
    • Internal and external relocations of offices and school personnel.  
    • Pickup of donated supplies from various business and government agencies.  
    • Delivery and setup of material to various school and offices events.  
    • Pickup and delivery of office furniture being repaired by MCE (Maryland Correctional Enterprises).  
    • Pickup of e-waste, paper books and scrap metal for recycling.  
    • Delivery of cafeteria supplies.  
    • Pickup and delivery of Weekend Bag Lunch Program.  
    • Pickup and delivery of school testing materials.  
    •  Pickup and delivery of payroll to school and offices.  

    Shop Stores    

    • Delivery of Supplies to Schools and Offices.  
    • Supply stock materials and DTO goods to Maintenance Department. 

      Minority Business Enterprise    

    • Outreach to local and state MBEs.  
    • Workshops and training programs.   
    • Technical assistance.   
    • Assist MBEs with strategic partnerships.   
    • Advocacy.  
    • Review and update policies.  
    • MBE Compliance software.