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    Office of Appeals

    The Office of Appeals exists to support and undergird the priority goals of the Prince George’s County Public Schools. The largest percentage of program operations support the Quality Schools Program Strategic Plan Goal 4: All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug free, and conducive to learning. The Office seeks to provide the leadership and decision-making necessary to implement Board of Education policies and school administrative procedures related to its functions.  Note: The Office of Appeals does not process appeals of grades, short-term suspensions, 2.0 QPA waivers, or teacher or class assignments.

    Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries

    Accurately maintain pupil information in a secure environment to provide historical, current and projected enrollment data for determining necessary facility, human, and fiscal resources; establish and maintain school boundaries to provide optimum use of existing and planned facilities; administer tuition and tuition waivers; and generate formal reports for MSDE.

    Department of Special Education

    Special Educators work with general educators to provide appropriate services to students with special learning needs in the least restrictive environment. Approximately 14,000 students, 10 percent of the total student body, currently receive special education services. If you believe your child may have learning needs that require special education services, contact your child's teacher or other school staff. A multidisciplinary IEP (Individual Education Program) team, with the parent as a member, will determine whether special education services are needed.