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  • Storm Drain Stenciling

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    Storm Drain Stenciling Request

    Storm drain stenciling is a school-based sustainable practice activity that can be an eye-opening experience for all involved. Stenciling storm drains on the school campus and in the community is a great way to build awareness, increase community involvement, and may discourage people from putting harmful materials and liquids down the drains.

    Storm drains were designed to be the fastest and most efficient way of allowing rainwater to drain from streets and parking lots. Unfortunately, the water that flows into the storm drain carries trash and sediment from the street, nutrients in the form of fertilizers, toxics in the form of pesticides, household cleaners, gasoline, and motor oil. All of the water in the storm drains ends up in your local stream or river.

    The William S. Schmidt Center (Camp Schmidt), in conjunction with Prince George’s County Department of the Environment, able to provide storm drain stenciling kits and assistance upon request. Each kit contains the necessary equipment and materials needed for students to engage in this action project. The contents of the kits are expensive, so it is very important to follow the guidelines when borrowing them.

    Guidelines for using the kits:

    • Kits are free of charge and reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Kits are on loan for a maximum of 7 days, 5 school calendar days.
    • Kits must be requested at least one month prior borrow date using only this form.
    • Teachers may only borrow one kit at a time.
    • Teachers may not share kits with other teachers.
    • Upon receipt, please inventory kits to ensure the presence and quantity of materials.
    • Upon completion of the activity, the items in the kit must be cleaned, inventoried, and repacked for return.
    • Please make sure to include the inventory form when materials are repackaged for return.
    • The pick-up and drop-off of kits will be coordinated between the teacher and the Schmidt Center staff.

    Storm drain stenciling kits contain:


    • 2 rollers (1 large and 1 small)
    • 2 roller brushes (1 large and 1 small)
    • 2-4 paint brushes
    • 1-2 can of blue spray paint
    • 1 gallon of white paint
    • 1 wire brush
    • 1 roll of painters tape
    • 1-2 paint tray liners
    • 1 inventory sheet


    *The inventory sheet will reflect any additional items that you request.