Major Capital Projects Dashboard

Major Capital Projects Dashboard

Progress Report to reflect project statuses for the 2nd quarter of 2021.

This dashboard displays statuses of all major projects to include new/replacement schools, systemic replacements and interior renovations with a budget in excess of $10M.

 Orange symbol indicates a project may have budget or schedule concerns--there are issues that bear monitoring.

 Red symbol indicates a project has significant budget and/or schedule concerns--there are issues to be addressed.

 Green symbol indicates the project is on schedule and on budget--there are no pending issues of concern.

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Project/School/Facility Status Budget Planning/Design Start Construction Start Phase & Percentage General Overview Status Project Team Notes Project ID Photos
Andrew Jackson Academy HVAC $17,641,000 2016 September 2020 Construction Phase 12% Systemic Renovation: Replace 1971 HVAC equipment including one (1) chiller, 14 air handling units, heating and cooling piping, and the controls system, replace one (1) 1996 cooling tower, and replace two (2) 2000 steam boilers with hot water boilers. Upcoming Activities: Working on piping at the hallways and boilers in the mechanical room. Structural supports for mechanical equipment at roof being installed. Temporary boiler installed but not connected. Phasing will be rearranged to allow for deletion of trailers. Architect: Kibart; Construction Manager: Keller Construction Management; PGCPS Project Manager: Henry Lewis PSC 16.197.18 SR Priority 29
Bowie-Belair High Annex $25,865,000 2014 December 2019 Construction Phase 32% Limited renovation and improvements to the existing special education program. Includes (5) major systemic projects in addition to educational program enhancements. Contractor working towards completion of Phase I. Architect/Engineer (AE) must respond to critical requests for information in order for Contractor to fully deliver Phase I. Project manger is holding coordination meetings with the AE team every other day to track progress and address all issues. Architect: DLR Group; Contractor: Hess Construction; PGCPS Project Manager: Hiwot Haileselassie PSC 16.041.19 C, Priority # 3
Central HS HVAC $20,218,000 2016 March 2020 Construction Phase 52% Systemic Renovation: Replace the entire 1982 heating and ventilating system with a complete heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, including boilers, chiller, rooftop units, air handling units, terminal units, piping, and controls. Contractor is working with Capital Programs to accomplish all construction work and open the school for academic activities by June 30, 2021. Current schedule is to achieve occupancy by Fall 2021. Productivity is slow due to Covid19. Approval of submitted COs (about $5M) critical. Architect: Gipe Associates, Inc.; Construction Manager: Oak Contracting LLC; PGCPS Project Manager: Anoop Gupta PSC 16.010.18 SR, Priority #28
Cherokee Lane ES $34,000,000 2019 April 2020 Construction Phase 13% Replacement of a new school with 95,000 sf on a new site, for 846 SRC. Phase 1 off-site construction ongoing. Grading permit approved for on-site work to commence. Architect: Gilbert Architect, Inc.; Construction Manager: Whiting & Turner Contracting; PGCPS Project Manager: Joseph Howell PSC 16.267.20 C, Priority #11 Photos
Cool Spring Annex-Judy Hoyer Ctr. $ 2019 January 2020 Planning Phase 50% Renovation, addition and conversion of a 58,000 SF annex building with existing office spaces into additional 560 student elementary school space. Development of the Request for Proposal to solicit Architectural/Engineering services. PGCPS Contact: Ronald Kauffman, Planner II
New Glenridge Area MS $80,000,000 2017 April 2020 Construction Phase 0% Construction of a new 160,900 sf and 1,180 SRC middle school in the Glenridge area. Request for Proposal issued to pre-qualified contractors, February 2021. Permit drawings are approved by third party reviewer and have been submitted to DPIE for review and approval. Architect working to complete site concept plan for replacement of amenities to facilitate the land exchange between PGCPS and M-NCPPC. Architect: Grimm and Parker; Construction Manager: MCN Build; PGCPS Project Manager: Hiwot Haileselassie PSC 16.265.20 C, Priority #4 Photos
High Point HS $189,000,000 2018 January 2020 Planning Phase 95% Modernization/additions to the existing 2081 seat (SRC) high school to create a 2500 seat high school on the same site. Review responses to the Architectural/Engineering RFP. Architect: TBD; Contractor or Construction Manager: TBD; PGCPS Planner: Joseph Wolf
International HS @ Langley Park $34,000,000 2016 September 2020 Design Phase 35% New school 58,000 sf, including cooperative use space, for 400 SRC. Design Development forwarded to MSDE for review and approval February 2021. Architect: DLR Group; Contractor or Construction Manager: TBD; PGCPS Project Manager: Hiwot Haileselassie
New Northern Adelphi Area HS $ 2019 January 2020 Planning Phase 35% Construction of a new 369,806 SF and 2,600 student high school in the Adelphi area. Reviewing responses to the Architectural/Engineering RFP. PGCPS Contact: John Wooden
Stephen Decatur MS SEI $10,501,000 2014 September 2020 Construction Phase 12% Special Education Inclusion Renovation: Renovate 11,240 net sq. ft. (17,000 GSF) in the southeast corner of the building for the CRI/Regional Program and an added space for the therapy pool to serve the regional students in the area. Permit for modulars is under review by third-party reviewer. Site work at auxiliary parking log ongoing. Swimming pool addition work activities in progress Architect: CRA Architects; Contractor: Keller Brothers, Inc.; PGCPS Project Manager: Henry Lewis PSC 16.143.16 C, Priority #2
Suitland HS $227,758,000 2017 January 2022 Design Phase 95% Full Renovation and/or Replacement of the existing 344,875 SF Suitland High School Campus Finalization of Design Development phase. Feasibility Study: Grimm and Parker; Design Architect: Cox Graae + Spack Architects; Contractor or Construction Manager: TBD; PGCPS Contact: Ronald Kauffman
William Schmidt Outdoor Ed. Center $32,000,000 2016 March 2021 Design Phase 75% Modernization of and upgrades to the Center, to include construction of a second residential village, central dining hall, and environmental learning center as well as modernization of the Village I complex and modernization/adaptive reuse of the Orme Building. Release solicitation documents to procure Construction Management services. Architect: Quinn Evans; Contractor or Construction Manager: TBD; PGCPS Contact: Joseph Wolf PSC 16.199.18 C, Priority #5
William Wirt MS $85,000,000 2017 April 2021 Construction Phase 0% Demolition of the existing 106,318 SF facility built in 1964 with a State Rated Capacity (SRC) of 850 students and replacement with a new 170,900 SF facility with a SRC of 1,200 students at the same site. Release Invitation for Bid to pre-qualified contractors; Revise permit drawings to accommodate final fire code requirements. Architect: Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates; Contractor or Construction Manager: TBD; PGCPS Project Manager: Henry Lewis PSC 16.183.20 C, Priority #2 Photos