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            Fairmont Heights HS JROTC Leadership Academy


    The FHHS 9th Grade JROTC Leadership Academy is a program aimed at assisting students to successfully transition into high school with a specific focus on academic leadership, study skills, and physical fitness.  Although all students will have an opportunity to participate on field trips, in-depth class projects, and work-study, students are able to select their desired pathway during their freshmen year.  Students who do not wish to partake in the full JROTC component, will focus strictly on academic leadership and growth.  Students who wish to become cadets will have the opportunity to join the JROTC program on campus and participate in numerous competitions, performances and volunteer opportunities through community service projects. The leadership academy focuses on the principles of mental and physical awareness, as well as, focuses on current events through global tracking and independent study.

    The only mission of the JROTC Leadership Academy is to motivate young people to be better citizens. The program's outstanding curriculum is designed to have students examine and develop qualities of leadership, citizenship and character while fostering partnerships with the Fairmount Heights community and other educational institutions.

    Throughout the year, 9th graders will have opportunities to participate in leadership workshops in order to better understand their personal strengths and leadership qualities.   Together with the 9th grade team leaders, the JROTC team will assist in the development of skills necessary for students to enter college, the work force, or join the military upon graduation from high school within four years.


            PERSEVERANCE + COMMITMENT  = R  E  S  U  L  T  S

       JROTC at prom   

            TEAMWORK + DISCIPLINE = C  A  M  A  R  A  D  E  R  I  E

                                          JROTC Ball