Excellence in Education Foundation and MGM Scholarships

Extended Deadline and New Procedures for Submitting Excellence in Education and MGM Scholarship Applications for Graduating Seniors


In response to the extended period of time PGCPS schools have been closed due to COVID-19, the Excellence in Education Scholarship Committee has announced the following guidelines for graduating seniors to submit scholarship applications:

All completed applications can still be mailed to Dr. Kara Libby, Chief of Academics, Sasscer Administration Building, 14201 School Lane, Room 201-C, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. All packages must be postmarked or received by April 6, 2020, to be considered. (If your professional school counselor was unable to turn in your application, and you possess a copy, a copy of the completed application can be mailed and will be accepted).

  • If your application was submitted to your professional school counselor and you do not possess a copy, please complete a new application at this link:h ttps://tinyurl.com/PGCPSScholarships. You will also need to upload the following documents:
    • Copy of your transcript (If you do not have it, be sure to include your PGCPS Student ID number and the number of student service-learning ( SSL) hours you have completed on the form or application.There is a space on the application to include your GPA. (If you do not know or have this specific information, please indicate that on the form);
    • Your essay; and
    • Your three letters of recommendation, if available (please provide a ` written explanation if there were extenuating circumstances for not including).
  • If you have a copy of your application and have scanning ability, please email the completed application packet to angela2.walton@pgcps.org. A scanned copy of your transcript will be accepted.
  • If you submitted an application to your professional school counselor and do not have access to a computer or internet to complete the online application, please email angela2.walton@pgcps.org to make arrangements to obtain a hard copy.

For all other questions regarding the scholarships or this process, please email Angela Walton at angela2.walton@pgcps.org.

2019 - 2020 MGM PGCLDC Scholarship Program

FY 2019-20 - Scholarships Award Total:  $150,000

We are pleased to announce for the 2019-20 school year, the Prince George's County Local Development Council in partnership with the Excellence in Education Foundation for PGCPS, Inc. has established the MGM Prince George’s County Local Development Council Scholarship Program for PGCPS graduating seniors who best personify an ongoing commitment to "having a positive impact on others."  The MGM Prince George’s County Local Development Council Scholarship Program will award $5,000 each to thirty (30) PGCPS graduating seniors who will continue their education at a post-secondary institution and attend one of the following high schools within the vicinity of the MGM complex:  Crossland High School, Friendly High School, Oxon Hill High School and Potomac High School.

Please review the FY 2019-20 MGM Prince George’s County Local Development Council Scholarship Program Timeline and Application/Criteria listed below to determine eligibility.


MGM Prince George’s County Local Development Council Scholarship Application & Timeline:

Excellence in Education Foundation


The Excellence in Education Foundation for PGCPS, Inc. is proud to announce for FY 2019-20 the Excellence in Education Foundation will award $125,000 in scholarships to 34 deserving PGCPS graduating seniors, as follows:

  • Chief Executive Officer's (CEO) Scholarship  – $5,000 each to 4 PGCPS graduating seniors
  • Leadership Scholarship - $3,500 each to 12 PGCPS graduating seniors
  • Student Service Learning Scholarship - $3,500 each to 12 PGCPS graduating seniors
  • Technical Scholarship - $3,500 each to 2 PGCPS graduating seniors
  • Trade Scholarship - $3,500 each to 2 PGCPS graduating seniors
  • Culinary Arts Scholarship - $3,500 each to 2 PGCPS graduating seniors

  Download Scholarship Applications


(FY2019-20 Scholarship awards must be utilized during the upcoming 2020-21 Fall/Spring Semesters.)


YEAR                    FUNDING                 # STUDENTS AWARDED
2012-2013               $55,000                                     23
2013-2014             $145,000                                     51
2014-2015             $151,000                                     41
2015-2016             $151,000                                     41
2016-2017             $151,000                                     41
2017-2018             $161,500                                     44
2018-2019             $125,000                                     34
2019-2020             $125,000                                     34
TOTAL                  $1,064,500                                    309