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Students Philosophy To “Pay it Forward” Serves as Guiding Force

Students Philosophy To “Pay it Forward” Serves as Guiding Force

  • May 21, 2020

High Point High School senior Edwin Abarca has shined as an extraordinary student during his high school career. Edwin would quickly master the fundamentals and complexities of his coursework and then would offer to help others, wanting his peers to reach academic success as well. 


He spent his time helping students who were struggling in subjects that he had mastered, willing to share his knowledge to assist others. Edwin’s journey through school has been focused on academics as he conquered a rigorous course load, earning him many accolades and honors. 


Spurred by a remarkable work ethic, Edwin found that his enthusiasm and passion for mentoring others could serve him well as a leader. He was able to use these innate gifts to participate in multiple programs and activities that focused on academics and community service projects. 


Edwin was pivotal in the establishment of High Point’s Math Honor Society, emphasizing that the purpose is to inspire interest in mathematics and focus on tutoring other students.