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    Thank you for your great interest in our "Live Sessions" at HBOSC.    Please check out some of our On Demand Sessions that do not require registration.  

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    New Program for first grade opens in May: You are my Sunshine- Register Now!

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    Check out our On Demand Sessions for use on your schedule with no registration necessary. Don't see something that fits your needs? Don't worry more resources are being added.

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  • Research Practicum Interns at HBOSC
  • RPI

    Learn more about the program, the students and their projects.

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    Check here for great  professional learning opportunities for PGCPS teachers.

    To attend any of these PLO events, unless otherwise stated, 

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  • Skies PGC
    • Planetarium Patty Shares a Look at the Night Sky in Prince George's County

      Taking a few minutes outside?  Want to know what to look for in the night sky this week? Join Planetarium Patty from HBOSC as she shares a few of the nightly and early morning wonders to check out in the sky over Prince George's County.

      Summer Skies 2021

      Week of May 30



    • HBOSC Planetarium Virtual Astronomy Programs

      Have you missed the HBOSC Friday Night Planetarium Programs? Wait no longer. 

      Susie's Snowflake
      Presenting... our traditional winter program, enjoyed by 1000s of students and adults for over 20 years: Susie's Snowflake!! Yes, your favorite Howard B. Owens Science Center original planetarium program is now available as a video for streaming!! This is a high-resolution version for optimal quality.  If you need a lower resolution version, please contact me (

      Then, if you like, create a snowflake by drawing one or cutting one out using this template. Then dance in the snow with Planetarium Patty using this link