PGCPS Lottery for Specialty Programs
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Application Process

1.  Students must be county residents and have a valid Student Identification (ID) number in order to complete the lottery application. Applications will not be processed without this number.  

Follow the instructions below to obtain the student ID number:

For students CURRENTLY attending Prince George’s County Public Schools:  Locate the student number on your child’s report card, or go to your child’s current school and obtain the student ID number from the Registrar.

For students NEW to the school system: Parents and/or legal guardians may obtain a student ID number with following documents:

 *New online process available now*

Former students who are no longer attending or already have an ID number:
Parent or legal guardian should make sure their address and contact information is up-to-date by going to their neighborhood school (click here) and providing new proof of residency. 

2.  When completing an application, it is important to complete every section; failure to do so may hinder the processing of or completely void your application. 

3.  Applications will be accepted until 5pm on
January 29.     

4.  The lottery drawing will be held at the beginning of March.

5.  Lottery results can be viewed online beginning in late March by visiting the Lottery Status & Updates (click here) page. 

6.  A waiting list will be established for those applications not placed in a Specialty Program via the lottery. The waiting list remains active until September 30, at which time it expires. Continuous updates will not be provided. Notifications will be made only when space becomes available.

7.  Once the student is enrolled in a Specialty Program School, that student will not have to compete for his/her seat through the lottery for that program school again, if he/she remains enrolled. 

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