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    The health and wellness of students and staff is a top priority in PGCPS. Mental health plays a key role in overall wellness and greatly impacts performance in school and at work. Please use the information below to learn more about mental health and the many resources available to help.

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    Prince George's County Health & Human Services - Will offer community Mental Health Awareness Month mini-webinars every Thursday in May. Download the flyer for details

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month


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    Addressing Race and Trauma in the Classroom

    This resource will help educators address the interplay of race and trauma and its effects on students in the classroom.

    Addressing Race and Trauma in the Classroom: A Resource for Educators

    Spotting Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect During the COVID-19 Emergency

    As we tread through this new virtual space, our commitment to ensuring that our students are safe remains a constant.  

    Even from a distance, there are ways to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect. It is the responsibility of each of us to collaborate and provide a network of support and resources for our students.

    View ways to spot signs of child abuse and neglect in a virtual setting >>

    Identifying depression and suicide prevention information

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