• Twitter Chat on Student Safety

    Twitter Chat on Student Safety

    Twitter Chat: Student Safety

    Monday, October 25 from 6-7 p.m.

    Learn about the procedures and training in place to ensure student safety. Responses were edited for clarity.

    Q1: When an incident occurs, how do we inform parents?

    A1: We post school status updates on pgcps.org. Families should sign up to receive mobile alerts. We send alerts via text and call household with emergency updates and closures. Make sure that your contact phone number is up to date at your child’s school so that emergency notices reach you quickly.

    Q2: How are you training school staff to be safety conscious while outside of the building?

    A2: We recommend universal safety precautions—go in pairs, stay in well-lit areas, don’t leave your belongings on your front seat, and if you see something, say something.

    Q3: When will the fingerprinting website be updated to provide clear guidance on new requirements for volunteers from AP 4216.6?

    A3: The administrative procedure was recently updated. We are in the process of updating the website now.

    Q4: What steps are being taken to ensure the wrong people aren’t being hired?

    A4: We’ve implemented an enhanced background procedure to include Child Protective Services (CPS) clearance procedures and criminal history checks.

    Q5: Do volunteers who completed fingerprinting in previous years need to return for CPS clearance? If so, is there a charge or deadline?

    A5: In light of recent adjustments and requirements, the Safety Steering Committee is currently reviewing time parameters to update this information.

    Q6: Will the enhanced procedures be required of employees already in place in schools or just new employees?

    A6: New employees will be the first, but we’re considering current staff as well.

    Q7: How will employees that have been here for a long time be updated when it comes to fingerprints and backgrounds?

    A7: It’ll be determined through a finalized procedure approved by the Safety Steering Committee. Once finalized, the procedure will be distributed through Human Resources.

    Q8: Are there any scenarios built in and practiced regularly when it comes to everyday safety?

    A8: Every year, we conduct four systemic lockdown drills. This year, one will involve an outside scenario.

    Q9: How often are schools required to perform lockdown drills?


    A9: We conduct six emergency drills a year.

    Q10: Re: bus safety, was the cause of the bus fire determined? Have other buses been checked for the same issue?

    A10: The cause of the fire [related to the bus in the Sept. 12 incident] is still under investigation. Once the cause of the fire is determined, the appropriate inspections will be made at our bus lots or maintenance facilities.

    Q11: How is safety maintained in a school that is overcrowded?

    A11: Schools are staffed based on student enrollment, campus size, and number of incidents from the previous year. Our temps are fenced in and there are cameras to ensure the safety of our students.

    Q12: How can a parent request a crossing guard?

    A12: Parents can request a crossing guard by contacting Prince George’s County Crossing Guard Unit at 301-731-4422.

    Q13: Is there social media education for parents so that they can understand their responsibilities and student consequences?

    A13: We’re planning a social media town hall very soon. Please check pgcps.org for updates.

    Q14: What are the procedures for teachers that teach or have recess outdoors? Are they equipped with walkie-talkies?

    A14: Emergency procedures are outlined in the lockdown drill video that we share with all of our employees. Teachers are advised to be vigilant while outdoors with students.

    Q15: Will there be a transcript of this Twitter Chat on the PGCPS website with updates, meeting dates, etc?

    A15: Yes. We will have a transcript available on the website.