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    Adopt A School Program


    The Adopt-A-School Program was created to support public schools throughout the county through enhanced educational experiences, financial support and volunteerism focused on improving outcomes for students. The goal is to ensure all of our schools are adopted by a business, community or interfaith partner during the 2019-2020 school year. 


    College & Career Exposure
    – Expose students to college/career pathways through field trips, career day or mentoring sessions.

    Financial Support – Provide at least $5,000 through in-kind donations and/or monetary contributions to each adopted school.

    Volunteer Service – Participate in at least one school-sponsored service activity. 


    The Office of Community Partnerships coordinates ongoing collaboration with schools to identify their areas of need.  Below is a list of some in-kind services and donations that would benefit our schools.

    • Student Supplies
    • School Uniforms
    • Coats and Shoes
    • Engineering Calculators
    • Classroom Smart Boards
    • Chromebooks and Tablets
    • Paid Speakers or Performers
    • School Construction/Renovation
    • Library Beautification
    • Playgrounds and Gardens
    • Teacher's Lounge Remodeling
    *Additional areas may be determined through partnership support planning.



    All organizations MUST complete the PGCPS Central Office partnership approval process.

    Click here to view a short program presentation.

    STEP 1:
     Submit the Online Interest Form

    *Once you have completed the form, the Office of Community Partnerships will review your submission and contact you within 5 business days to discuss next steps in the approval process.

    How do you know if a school has been adopted?  Click here for School Overview.




    Adopt-A-School Program Presentation