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    Social Studies, K-12

    This office reports to Curriculum and Instruction and is part of the Chief Academic Officer Division.

    Contact Information

    Instructional Support Services Center (ISSC)
    9201 East Hampton Drive
    Capitol Heights, MD 20743

    Sandra Rose

    Mrs. Megan Ross
    Instructional Specialist, K-12

    Mrs. Kishanna Poteat-Brown
    Instructional Specialist, K-12

    Ms. Goldie Simmons

    Our Mission

    Social Studies is an interdisciplinary exploration of the social sciences and humanities, including civics, history, economics, and geography, in order to develop responsible, informed, and engaged citizens and to foster civic, global, historical, geographic, and economic literacy. The ultimate goal for students enrolled in Social Studies is to study civics, economics, geography, and history content to become active and engaged citizens in the 21st century.

    Areas of Responsibility