• Elementary TAG Programs

    Elementary TAG Programs

    TAG Enrichment Resources for Parents during Covid -19 are located on the following pages: TAG Parent ResourcesSummer Reading Enrichment, and TAG Math Resources.

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    School TAG Coordinator Name Program Model
    Accokeek Academy    Ellen St Clair    Center
    Adelphi Elementary Davina Midgett Pull-out
    Allenwood Elementary Angela Phipps Pull-out
    Andrew Jackson Academy Alex Lagrimas Pull-out
    Apple Grove ES Amber Harrelson Pull-out
    Ardmore Elementary Jesse Hitchcock Pull-out
    Arrowhead ES Jamia Belton   Pull-out
    Avalon ES Monalisa Lewis Pull-out
    Baden Elementary Keya Williams Pull-out
    Barack Obama Elementary Christina Dent TRC
    Barnaby Manor Elementary Candace Rogell Pull-out
    Beacon Heights ES Jamala Young     Pull-out
    Beltsville Academy (K-8) Catherine Hopkins TRC
    Benjamin D. Foulois CPA Aaron Smith Pull-out
    Berwyn Heights Elementary Madeline Morgan O'Hara TRC
    Bladensburg Elementary Cama Kalee Wilson Pull-out
    Bond Mill Elementary Donna Albrecht/Christina Moran TRC
    Bradbury Heights Elementary Sarah Laslow Pull-out
    Brandywine ES Stephanie Carson Pull-out
    Calverton Elementary Sherrie McCollum TRC
    Capitol Heights Elementary Wendy Walton Center
    Carmody Hills Elementary Shariruth Goodwin Pull-out
    Carole Highlands ES Elizabeth Carter Pull-out
    Carrollton Elementary Coquette Petrella Pull-out
    Catherine T Reed ES Bela Tayal Pull-out
    César Chávez Elementary Elizabeth Tapia TRC
    Cherokee Lane Elementary Jocelyn Price Pull-out
    CMIT - South Beverley Donovan Contact School Administrator
    CMIT - North Quiana Brooks-Curry Contact School Administrator
    Chillum ES Idika Agwu Pull-out
    Clinton Grove ES Alora Plummer Pull-out
    Columbia Park ES Jeannine Butler Pull-out
    Concord ES Ms. Angela Ransom Pull-out
    Cool Spring ES Mr. Arifkhan Pathan Pull-out
    Cooper Lane ES Joisiebeth Manapul Pull-out
    Cora L. Rice ES Trina Brown Pull-out
    Deerfield Run Elementary Glynda Brown Pull-out
    District Heights ES Tamika Waller Pull-out
    Dodge Park ES Evelyn Fabito Pull-out
    Dora Kennedy (K-8) Mahjoub Darrehmane TRC
    Doswell Brooks ES Alicia Yap Pull-out
    Edward M.Felegy ES Patricia Twitty Pull-out
    EXCEL Academy Stacye Palmer Pull-out
    Flintstone Elementary School Edna Racana Pull-out
    Forest Heights ES Bianca Mitchell Pull-out
    Fort Foote ES Kim Warley Pull-out
    Fort Washington Forest ES Dionne Bailey/Shawanda Spivey Pull-out
    Francis Scott Key ES Shanelle Lucas Pull-out
    Francis T. Evans ES Melanie Wheeler Pull-out
    Gaywood Elementary Taunja Winkler Pull-out
    Gladys Noon Spellman ES Jennifer Urbaez Pull-out
    Glassmanor ES Aileen Nacua Pull-out
    Glenarden Woods ES Carolyn Monroe Center
    Glenn Dale Elementary Karen Streeter TRC
    Glenridge ES Nicole Williams Pull-out
    Greenbelt Elementary Marson Richardson & Lindsey Volk  TRC
    Heather Hills ES Richard Johnson Center
    High Bridge E.S. Michelle Webber Pull-out
    HIghland Park ES Rozita McCain Center
    Hillcrest Heights ES Alvita Jeffers Pull-out
    Hollywood Elementary Marissa Razier TRC
    Hyattsville E.S. Shawn Joyner Pull-out
    Imagine - Leeland Public Charter Carla Toomer TRC
    Imagine Andrews Crystal McCann Pull-out
    Imagine Lincoln Janet Krisko Pull-out
    Imagine Morningside Frank Ellis Pull-out
    Indian Queen ES Tiffany Matthews Pull-out
    J Frank Dent ES Jannie Cobb Pull-out
    James H Harrison Debbie Boyd Pull-out
    James McHenry ES Shamika Jackson Pull-out
    James Ryder Randall ES Teri King Pull-out
    John H. Bayne ES Tajai Jones Pull-out
    John Hanson Montessori Gwendolyn Harris Pull-out
    Judge S Woods Elementary Olivia Castillo Pull-out
    Judith P Hoyer Darcel Lawrence Pull-out
    Kenilworth ES Monalisa Lewis TRC
    Kettering ES Tameka White Pull-out
    Kingsford Elementary Mary Mullennix TRC
    Lake Arbor Elementary Sharon Holley Pull-out
    Lamont Elementary Charlene Cooper Langley Pull-out
    Langley Park McCormick Zandra Brown Pull-out
    Laurel Elementary School Anya Arax Melnick Pull-out
    Lewisdale ES Nia Wilkes Pull-out
    Longfields ES Erica Bair Center
    Magnolia ES Leslie Tapscott  Pull-out
    Marlton Elementary Eleanor Long TRC
    Mary Harris Mother Jones ES  Renee Bradford Pull-out
    Mattaponi ES Amanda Meyer Center
    Maya Angelou Cynthia Coates TRC
    Melwood ES Thelma Trinidad Pull-out
    Montpelier Elementary Lisa Dolan TRC
    Mount Rainier ES Stephen Horoff Pull-out
    North Forestville ES Janet Pacel Pull-out
    Northview Elementary Jennifer Badum TRC
    Oaklands ES Alxandria Pearsall Pull-out
    Overlook Full Spanish Immersion Denise Cabrera TRC
    Oxon Hill Elementary Jannie Cobb   Pull-out
    Paint Branch Elementary George Rustad TRC
    Panorama ES Harriet Frost Pull-out
    Patuxent ES Janel Pacel Pull-out
    Perrywood Elementary Beth Fuhrer TRC
    Phyllis E. Williams Elementary Ana Espinet TRC
    Pointer Ridge Elementary Teresa Stewart TRC
    Port Towns ES Christine Stratton Pull-out
    Potomac Landing ES Jana Grymes Pull-out
    Princeton ES Jeaniene Barber Pull-out
    Ridgecrest ES Marcia Mincy Pull-out
    Riverdale Elementary Jennifer Gerber Pull-out
    Robert Frost Elementary Jobryna Dupree Pull-out
    Robert Goddard Montessori Karuna Skariah Pull-out
    Robert Gray ES Addie Lee/Tolentino Gortayo Pull-out
    Rockledge Elementary Sara Miller/Jean Lowd TRC (pull-out supplement)
    Rogers Heights ES Odrancel Vivero/Patricia Brown Pull-out
    Rosa L. Parks ES Karen Matthews Pull-out
    Rosaryville ES Paula Cooper Pull-out
    Rose Valley ES Niki Salley Pull-out
    Samuel Chase ES Beryl Brackett Pull-out
    Samuel Massie ES Tabitha Duncan Pull-out
    Scotchtown Hills Elementary Nicole Dorn-Pekins/Kim Blouvet TRC
    Seabrook ES Lara Paek Pull-out
    Seat Pleasant ES Dawn Martin Pull-out
    Springhill Lake ES Tamara Wood Pull-out
    Suitland ES Demetra Darlington Pull-out
    Tayac Academy Cyprian Moye Pull-out
    Templeton Elementary School Theresa Mitchell Pull-out
    Thomas Pullen Academy Arlayna Willis/Mary Donohue Pull-out
    Thomas S. Stone Elementary Sherry Lassiter Pull-out
    Tulip Grove Elementary Tina Holmes TRC
    Turning Point Academy Pamela Coffield Pull-out
    University Park Elementary Joyce Jackson TRC
    Valley View Elementary Deborah Brown Center
    Vansville Elementary Amanda Soto TRC
    Waldon Woods Elementary Natalie McCullum Pull-out
    Whitehall Elementary J. Monath/E.Chilcote TRC
    William Beanes ES Sherrone Barnes/Heather Mackall Pull-out
    William Hall ES Candyce Yates Pull-out
    William Paca ES Melissa Bates Pull-out
    Woodmore ES Michelle Ryan   Pull-out
    Woodridge ES Jean Sabree Pull-out
    Yorktown Elementary Jennifer Lally/Nicole Gownley TRC