• TAG Program Models

    TAG Program Models


    TAG in the Regular Classroom (TRC) Program:

    The TRC Program offers appropriate advanced activities using strategies of Differentiated Instruction within the regular classroom.  This model is appropriate for schools with larger TAG populations.  The components of the TRC program are as follows:

    • TAG students are cluster grouped with at least 7 other TAG students
    • Differentiated instructional strategies in the heterogeneous classroom
      • curriculum compacting
      • tiered assignments
      • flexible grouping
      • independent study
      • acceleration opportunities
      • learning/interest centers
      • enrichment clusters
    • Guided Independent Study/advanced research opportunities
    • Junior Great Books Discussion Program
    • William &  Mary Jacob’s Ladder Program
    • Advanced Author Studies 
    • Instruction and activities reflecting Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
    • Gifted Students with Special Learning Needs (GSLN) Services (selected sites)
    • Off-site educational, scientific, and artistic enrichment opportunities



    Pull-out Program Overview


    The Prince George’s County Public Schools Program for the intellectually gifted is designed to meet the following objectives:

    To provide regularly scheduled opportunities for students to meet with their intellectual peers;

    To provide a learning environment in which instructional strategies appropriate to the unique learning characteristics of the intellectually gifted are utilized;

    To provide opportunities for individuals and/or small groups to utilize advanced research/study skills in designing and conducting independent investigations on topics of student interest (passion projects);

    To acquire advanced competencies in:

    • higher level thinking skills
    • research skills
    • study skills
    • communication skills
    • problem solving skills
    • creative thinking skills
    • critical thinking skills

    To develop an understanding of the purposes and processes of self and group evaluation;


    The TAG Pull-out Program in Prince George’s County Public Schools at the elementary level is designed for TAG identified students to meet together for a minimum of two hours per week from October – June each year, 30 – 32 weeks of instruction. Students will be released from regular classes during this time. Separate groups will be maintained for primary (grades 2 and 3) and intermediate (grades 4 and 5) students.

    TAG Curriculum Implementation Plan

    A curriculum plan has been developed to use over a two-year period for primary TAG students and a two year period for intermediate students. This will assure that students will not repeat any of the content and that the sequence of skills followed its developmental.

    Each TAG curriculum is comprised of a core focus unit, a research focus unit, and a literacy focus unit, all of which are interdisciplinary.

    The curriculum materials that follow include a wide variety of topics and activities. These provide flexibility in the design of a year’s program that will meet the specific needs of each school.

    Each section of the curriculum contains many activities and lessons. The level of skill development, the maturity and interests of students would be considered in the selection of specific tasks. As often as possible, students should be permitted freedom of choice in selecting specific tasks to complete.




    The TAG Center School Programs offer a full-day advanced, enriched, and intensive instructional program to meet the unique and specialized needs of highly able students. Specially selected and trained teachers provide the instruction. Students who meet PGCPS criteria for TAG identification may choose to apply through the lottery process on a space-available basis in accordance with lottery guidelines.  Placement in the TAG Center Program by lottery is based on the student’s address.

    TAG Center School Program Features:

    • Dedicated TAG classrooms
    • Selected, trained teachers and a school-based, full-time TAG Program Coordinator
    • Enriched and accelerated instruction in mathematics
    • Opportunities for students to progress individually
    • Laboratory approach for science instruction, including STEM Fair
    • Enriched and accelerated approach to language arts utilizing advanced reading materials and The College of William and Mary Language Arts Curriculum for Highly-able Learners & Junior Great Books Shared Inquiry
    • Enriched approach to social studies including a multicultural emphasis and advanced research and study skills
    • National History Day research (middle school)
    • World language emphasis including International Culture and Language (ICAL), and Spanish
    • Gifted Students with Special Learning Needs (GSLN)/Twice Exceptional Services
    • High school class offerings in middle school: Algebra 1, Geometry, and World Language Years 1 and 2
    • Enrichment programs with educational, scientific, and artistic instructions
    • Automatic continuity from TAG Center elementary to TAG Center middle school
    • Automatic continuity option to high school program International Baccalaureate Program (students must meet qualifications for continuity)
    • Opportunities beyond the school day vary from school to school based on interest


    TAG Center Elementary and Middle Schools



    Contact Information

    Accokeek Academy

    (grades 2-8)

    14400 Berry Rd, Accokeek, MD 20607



    Elementary TAG Coordinator: Ellen St. Clair ellen.stclair@pgcps.org

    Middle School TAG Coordinator: Vacant

    Capitol Heights Elementary 

    (grades 2-5)

    601 Suffolk Ave, Capitol Heights, MD  20743



    TAG Coordinator: Wendy Walton, wendy.walton@pgcps.org

    Glenarden Woods Elementary  (grades 2-5)

    7801 Glenarden Pkwy, Glenarden, MD  20706



    TAG Coordinator: Amanda Soto


    Heather Hills Elementary 

    (grades 2-5)

    12605 Heming Lane, Bowie, MD 20716



    TAG Coordinator: Richard Johnson, Richar2.Johnson@pgcps.org

    Longfields Elementary  

    (grades 2-5)

    3300 Newkirk Ave,  Forestville,  MD  20747



    TAG Coordinator: Erica Bair, erica.bair@pgcps.org

    Mattaponi Elementary  

    (grades 2-5)

    11701 Duley Station Road

    Upper Marlboro, MD 20772


    TAG Coordinator: Amanda Meyer, amanda.meyer@pgcps.org

    Valley View Elementary  

     (grades 2-5)

    5500 Danby Ave, Oxon Hill, Md  20745



    TAG Coordinator: Deborah Brown, deborah3.brown@pgcps.org


    Contact Information

    Accokeek Academy

    (grades 2-8)

    14400 Berry Rd, Accokeek, MD 20607



    TAG Coordinator: Vacant

    Benjamin Tasker

    (grades 6-8)

    4901 Collington Road, Bowie, MD 20715



    TAG Coordinator: Janet Clarke-Green, janet.clarke@pgcps.org

    Greenbelt Middle

    (grades 6-8)

    6301 Breezewood Dr, Greenbelt, MD  20770



    TAG Coordinator: Tracey Thisse, tracey.thisse@pgcps.org

    Kenmoor Middle

    (grades 6-8)

    2500 Kenmoor Dr, Landover, MD  20785



    TAG Coordinator: Beth Novick, bnovick@pgcps.org

    Walker Mill Middle

    (grades 6-8)

    800 Karen Blvd, Capitol Heights, MD  20743



    TAG Coordinator: Nadine Gaujean, nadine.gaujean@pgcps.org


    If you have questions about the TAG Center Program,

    please contact the TAG Center Coordinator at school you would attend.