•  In Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGPS), the ESSA and Title I Office is part of the Division of Accountability. The goal of the Title I office is to ensure all schools are implementing a Title I program in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) regulatory guidance for addressing the needs of all students to meet state and county academic standards and to increase the partnership between home, school, and community.

    To empower all Title I students.

    ESSA & Title I Department will be recognized for providing supplemental resources to diverse schools that contribute to preparing students for college and career readiness.
  • Contact Information

    Dr. Tracey J. Adesegun, Director of ESSA and Title I
    ESSA and Title I Department
    John Carroll Building
    1400 Nalley Terrace
    Landover, Maryland 20785

    Tracey J. Adesegun, Ed.D., Director
    Chandra Brown, Coordinating Supervisor
    Meri Robinson, ED.D., Digital Learning Supervisor
    Leslie Ingram-Johnson,  Fiscal Supervisor