Feasibility Studies
A Feasibility Study is an assessment of the potential to renovate or replace an existing school facility. The Study must comply with the provisions of the Maryland State Public School Construction Program (PSCP) Interagency Committee (IAC) on School Construction (see Administrative Procedures Guide Section 203 -Feasibility Studies.) It includes an evaluation of the condition and educational adequacy of the existing facility as well as an exploration of at least three (3) options for modernization including the following approaches:

    Renovating all or most (50-100%) of the existing building;
    Replacing all or most (50-100%) of the existing building; and,
    Combination of renovation and replacement as suggested by conditions and adequacy.

All Study options will be evaluated for compliance with educational and demographic requirements, cost effectiveness, comprehensiveness, and overall quality of results as follows:

    Include a forty-year life cycle cost comparison of each option.
    Clearly delineate (by table and on the drawings) major and minor deficiencies of each option explored.
    Develop the options with local school and community participation.
    Strive for LEED Gold as a metric of sustainable design, along with other sustainable features as appropriate, for each option.

Timeline and Process

The Study process can take 2-5 months to complete depending on the size and complexity of the school campus and existing building conditions. Once an architectural/engineering (A/E) consulting firm has been selected to develop the Study, a school specific Project Planning Committee (the 'Committee') will be created.

The A/E Consultant's and the Committee's recommended option is presented to the Board of Education for approval prior to submission to the State IAC for review. If the State approves and funds renovation based on the results of the Study but PGCPS decides to replace the school instead, the State funding allocation will be reduced and more local funding will be needed to support the project.

Opportunities for Community Involvement

The Committee is comprised of 10-15 members including at least one of the following: school administrator, teacher, student, other building staff, parent, community member, community partner, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and PGCPS central staff, and other stakeholders, as needed. There is usually one public, community kick-off meeting held at the beginning of the Study, and a final community meeting held at the end, to provide information on the process and receive stakeholder input.


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