James Madison MS

James Madison MS

School Information


  • Principal: Beverly Botchway
  • Address: 7300 Woodyard Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
  • County Council Representative: Ingrid S. Watson, District 4
  • State Legislative District & Representation: District 23, Senator Ronald L. Watson; Delegate Adrian A. Boafo; Delegate Marvin E. Holmes Jr.; Delegate Kym Taylor
  • School Board Member: Lolita E. Walker, District 9         


Swing Plan Information

  • Swing Location: Forestville High School
  • Address: 7001 Beltz Drive, Forestville, MD 20747
  • Move Date: Summer 2023
  • Occupation Timeline: School Year 2023-2024

Scope of Work

Phase 1 of the major renovation of James Madison Middle School (JMMS) consists of building envelope air quality improvements including the replacement all exterior existing windows, window shades, and all exterior storefront systems, and installation of all new exterior hollow metal frames and doors including hardware, new waterline piping with new meter for new fully sprinkled building, and rough-in work for new fire alarm system.

Phase 2 of the major renovation of James Madison Middle School consists of the complete replacement of the building’s HVAC system, improvement to the building envelope, ceiling replacement, lighting and electrical upgrades, update to the fire alarm system, new fire suppression system, and interior architectural upgrades.

Project Details

  • Budget: TBD
  • Construction Start: TBD
  • Current Status: Phase 1 - Construction; Phase 2 - Design
  • Percentage Complete: TBD
  • Project Timeline:

        => Summer 2021 - Planning and Bidding Process
        => Summer 2021 - Design Phase and Existing Conditions Assessment
        => Spring 2022 - Design Approval and Permit Issuance by DPIE
        => Summer 2022 - Phase 1 Construction Begins
        => February 2023 - Swing Space Planning
        => Spring 2023 - Phase 1 Substantial Completion
        => June/July 2023 - Move out of JMMS to Swing Location
        => Summer 2023 - Phase 2 Construction Begins
        => Summer 2024 - Phase 2 Substantial Completion
        => Summer 2024 - Move back to JMMS

Project Team
  • Architect: N/A
  • Construction Manager: Protec Construction, Inc.
  • PGCPS Project Manager: Anoop Gupta, anoop.gupta@pgcps.org

Project Documents



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