Bowie-Belair High Annex Limited Renovation


Scope of Work

Limited renovation and improvements to the existing special education program. Includes five major systemic projects in addition to selected educational program enhancements and systemic renovations:


  • replacement of entire suspended ceiling system
  • replacement of the 1989 roofing system & update to the failing drainage system
  • a new sprinkler system throughout the 1963 facility (includes service upgrade to the water main)
  • replacement of all classroom unit ventilators and related piping
  • replacement of the entire steam system to a four pipe hydronic system (includes two new chillers for full air conditioning capacity)
  • educational enhancements/renovation to science classrooms; a computer lab; a family & consumer room; and 9 standard classrooms along with corridors, restrooms and storage spaces.
  • abatement & replacement of all asbestos-containing floor tiles throughout the school
  • painting throughout the school
  • repair of structural earthquake-related damage
  • purchase & installation of 6 portable classrooms to remain after construction completion 


Project Details

  • Total Budget: $25,865,000 
  • Planning/Design Start: 2014 
  • Construction Start:  December 2019
  • Phase & Percentage Complete: Construction; 32%
  • Current Status: Contractor working towards completion of Phase I. Architect/Engineer (AE) must respond to critical requests for information in order for Contractor to fully deliver Phase I. Project manger is holding coordination meetings with the AE team every other day to track progress and address all issues. 
  • Upcoming Activities: Construction in Phase 2a and 2b classrooms/corridors to be completed Spring 2021. 
  • Project Team:
  • PGCPS Contact: Hiwot Haileselassie, Project Manager II




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