Bowie-Belair High Annex Limited Renovation

School Information

  • Principal: Joe Kautzer
  • Address: 15200 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD 20715
  • Neighborhood: Bowie
  • County Council District: District 4 (Todd M. Turner)
  • State Legislative District: District 23 (Senator Ron Watson, Delegate Marvin Holmes, Delegate Cheryl Landis, Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith)
  • School Board Member: District 5 (TBD)

Scope of Work

Limited renovation and improvements to the existing special education program. Includes five major systemic projects in addition to selected educational program enhancements and systemic renovations:

  • replacement of entire suspended ceiling system
  • replacement of entire suspended ceiling system
  • replacement of the 1989 roofing system & update to the failing drainage system
  • a new sprinkler system throughout the 1963 facility (includes service upgrade to the water main)
  • replacement of all classroom unit ventilators and related piping
  • replacement of the entire steam system to a four pipe hydronic system (includes two new chillers for full air conditioning capacity)
  • educational enhancements/renovation to science classrooms; a computer lab; a family & consumer room; and 9 standard classrooms along with corridors, restrooms and storage spaces.
  • abatement & replacement of all asbestos-containing floor tiles throughout the school
  • painting throughout the school
  • repair of structural earthquake-related damage
  • purchase & installation of 6 portable classrooms to remain after construction completion 

Project Details

  • Total Budget: $25,865,000 
  • Planning/Design Start: 2014 
  • Construction Start:  December 2019
  • Phase & Percentage Complete: Construction; 97%
  • Current Status: Phase I and II of this project has been completed, inspected and temporary occupancy has been received. (22 classrooms on the lower level and 3 classrooms on the main level, Multipurpose room, Library and offices, New DOAS unit and AHU 1). 
  • Upcoming Activities: Phase III is in progress (9 classrooms on main level (started on April 19). Failed Life safety Inspection- Architect has sent a response to inspection report.
  • Project Team:



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