Master Plan Support Project (MPSP)


The Master Plan Support Project (MPSP) was started in Fall 2014 to develop a more effective way to prioritize school construction and renovation projects. The MPSP evaluated schools in three critical areas – mission, condition, and function. It updated the existing Facility Condition Index (FCI) data from the 2012 Parson’s Report ranking of school condition with projects that were scheduled for completion through 2015. Consultant teams visited schools built prior to 1999 to evaluate how they meet current academic needs, and determine how they can support future PGCPS initiatives, such as expanding specialty programs and prekindergarten, implementing career academies in high schools, and integrating special education programs within neighborhood schools. 

PGCPS staff and project consultants evaluated the data and incorporated input from stakeholders primarily received during three community meetings in March and via email. The final report, released in June 2015, included data and findings that support the PGCPS vision and goals as well as reflect the needs of the community. The August release of Volume 4 includes the consultant’s capital project recommendations and planning activity considerations. These recommendations and considerations have been reviewed by PGCPS staff and the administration over the past 6 weeks; the Volume 4a PGCPS Staff Recommendations Addendum represents staff’s findings and initial recommendations supportive of the FY 2017-22 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) transmitted to the Administration and the Board of Education at the August 12, 2015, board meeting.

Following further analysis and a more thorough Fall 2015 Community Engagement process, preliminary recommendations will be transmitted to the Board in early winter as part of the Preliminary FY 2018-23 Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP). The current schedule is to transmit final recommendations via the Final FY 2018-23 EFMP to the Board in May/June 2016 following the Maryland State budget season (Winter of 2016) and follow-up Spring 2016 Community Engagement meetings.

More information coming on the Fall 2015 Community Engagement meetings and how you can get involved.


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